React Js Common Package List

In this article, we will discuss some common react Js packages. These packages can also help you in many different ways. Because we already told you, these are common packages, so it is possible that you will use these in your projects.

First, we will know about What is a React Js Package?

A react package contains only the functionality necessary to define React components. It is typically used together with a React renderer like react-dom for the web, or reactnative for the native environments.

By default, React will be in development mode.

List of React Js Packages

react js

  1. react-helmet
  2. react-notification-component
  3. react-outside-click-handler
  4. react-router-dom
  5. react-spinners
  6. universal-cookie
  7. validator
  8. react-cursor-position
  9. @material-ui
  10. Axios

React Helmet:

React Helmet is a simple component that makes it easy to manage and dynamically set what’s in the document’s head section. For example, you can use React Helmet to set the title, description, and meta tags for the document.

It comes in especially handy when combined with server-side rendering because it allows setting meta tags that will be read by search engines and social media crawlers. This makes server-side rendering and React Helmet a dynamic duo for creating apps that are SEO and social media-friendly.

//Installation Command
npm i react-helmet


React Notifications Component:

React Notifications Component is an easy to use and highly configurable component to help you notify your users out of the box. This package contains 5 different types of notification UI like Success, danger, info, default, warning.

// Installation Command
npm install react-notifications-component


React Outside Click Handler:

React Outside Click Handler is a simple and useful package. This package helps you to detect outside clicks from any component or element.

For example, If you are creating a dialog box or a popup window then this package can help you to detect the outside click from the window and do some functionality according to you. Like you can close the dialog box if the user clicks anywhere outside the box.

// Installation Command
npm i react-outside-click-handler


React Router DOM:

React Router is a standard library for routing in React. It enables the navigation among views of various components in a React Application, allows changing the browser URL, and keeps the UI in sync with the URL.

// Installation Command
npm i react-router-dom


React Spinners:

React spinners is a package that provides different types of spinners. Spinners are fully customizable and you can change the size, height, width and color of the spinner. Thi package provides more than 25 different types of spinners. You can install this package by using the below command.

// Installation command
npm install --save react-spinners


Universal Cookie:

Universal cookie is the best package to handle cookies. This package provides javascript cookie API to manage the cookies. You can use this package to get the value of a cookie, set the value of a cookie, and remove the cookie.

// Installation command
npm install --save react-spinners



(Validator) Use to validate different types of data, you can use this package. This package will help your project in many different ways like checking if the string is an Email, the string contains minimum and maximum values, to check mobile numbers, Zip codes, country name etc…

// Installation command
npm i validator


React Cursor Position:

react-cursor-position is a primitive component for composing UI features that require notification of cursor or touch position changes. Position coordinates are plotted relative to the HTML element rendered by react-cursor-position. react-cursor-position re-renders child components with new position props when the cursor or touch position changes.

// Installation command
npm i react-cursor-position


@Material Ui:

MaterialUi is also available for react projects. (@MaterialUi/Core) This package provides lots of different features like cards, tooltips, modals, popups, buttons etc…

// Installation command
npm install @material-ui/core



Axios is a Promise-based HTTP client for the browser and node.js. You can use this package to make HTTP requests.

// Installation command
npm i axios


Lots of more cool and useful packages are remaining, we will cover them in another post. If this post is useful for you please comment below. You can also share your problems in te comment box.
Thank You…

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