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Dedicated Server

In 1956, 5 megabytes (5MB) of data weighed a Ton.

It was 1956 when IBM launched RAMAC, the first computer with something like a hard drive that we use today.

5MB storade image     5MB storade image

By hard drive, we mean something that used magnetic disks – a moving head was used to access and write that data.

At the time, it was considered a massive leap in massstorage technology because it signified a shift: from punch cards and magnetic tape (which stored data sequentially) to randomly accessible hard drives.

RAMAC itself stood for Random Access Method of Accounting & Control. The whole cabinet weighed over 1000 kg and the 5MB data was spread over 50 huge aluminium disks, coated with magnetic iron oxide. The disks rotated at a speed of 1200rpm and the machines were leased for $3,200 per month back in the day.