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Shakti – C Class Processor

Shakti - C Class Processor

C Class : The C Class is a controller class of processors, aimed at mid-range application workloads. The core is a highly optimized, 5-stage in-order design with MMU support and capability to run operating systems Linux and Sel4. These processors are targeted at compute/control applications in the 0.5-1.5 Ghz range. The C-class will supports the full RISC-V ISA. The C Class is also the basis for our Tagged-ISA and Fault tolerant cores.


Architectural Features

Overview :

  • An in-order 5-stage 64-bit microcontroller supporting the entire stable RISC-V ISA.
  • Targets mid-range compute systems: 200-800MHz (can be customized for 2 Ghz applications)
  • Supports RISC-V Linux, secure L4
  • Variants for low-power and high-performance.
  • Positioned against ARM’s Cortex A35/A55.


Basic Specifications

  • Supports RISC-V ISA: RV64IMAFD.
  • Compatible with latest privilege spec (v1.10) of RISC-V ISA and supports the sv39/48 virtualization scheme.
  • Single and Double Precision Floating point units compliant with IEEE-754.
  • Supports the OpenOCD based debug environment through JTAG.
  • Includes a High performance branch predictor with a Return-Address-Stack.
  • Caches: 16-64KB non-blocking pipelined Instruction and Data caches. Optional L2.
  • Includes operand forwarding scheme for better performance.
  • Boots RISC-V Linux.

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