chat with own number

Today, everyone uses the WhatsApp application on their smartphone. There are so many tricks on WhatsApp. Today, we will talk about a hidden feature of WhatsApp.

Everyone chats on WhatsApp with their family members, friends, etc… You can chat with your own number on WhatsApp. You can use this trick to save some important messages or you can use this trick for your own interest.


  • Open Chrome web browser on your smartphone.
  • Click on “Search or type web address” and write the below URL.{Country Code Without +}{Mobile Number}
eg: if your country is India then you have to type only 91 without plus(+) sign and then enter your mobile number.

wa me whatsapp

  • Now visit the URL. You will see a new page.

  • Click on the “CONTINUE CHATTING” button. Your WhatsApp application will open now and you can chat with your own number.


Important points:

  1. You can also use this trick to chat with any number that is not in your contact list.
  2. If you are using this trick to chat with any other number then the number should be registered on the WhatsApp.
  3. This trick will not work on PC or Laptops. Works on Smartphones only.

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