Encrypt JavaScript and CSS Code

In this article, we will talk about an important topic. Today’s topic is, how we can encrypt our code and prevent users from viewing the original code. No one wants to show their original code to others.

On the internet, there are so many tools available to encrypt the original source code. In this article, we will discuss how we can encrypt our JavaScript code and CSS code.

CSS code is not so important to hide from other users but when we talk about javascript code, the developer may not want to share their javascript code.


Topics we will cover

  1. Encrypt JavaScript Code
  2. Encrypt CSS code


Encrypt JavaScript Code

Encryption of javascript code is required when we don’t want to share our code. The original code will convert to some unique codes. The code can not be easily readable by humans. To read the encrypted code, the person must decrypt the code first.


javascript image


To encrypt the js code, we will suggest you to use the JavaScript Obfuscator tool.

JavaScript Obfuscator is an online tool that helps to encode the original code to some different code. You can use this tool free of cost.

In this tool, there are 2 options to encrypt. The first is by uploading the js file and the other one is by writing your own code.

js obfuscator


js obfuscator


We are not saying that no one can read the code. The encrypted code will still available to the client machine. So anyone who knows some programming language can decode the code. But this process is so hard. This tool will also minify your javascript code.


Encrypt CSS Code

Encryption of CSS code is not required for many sites but if you really want to encrypt your CSS code you can use CSS Obfuscator tool.

css obfuscator


css obfuscator image


CSS Obfuscator tool is also an online tool that converts the original CSS code to class-based code. The tool minifies the original code and also prevents users to read the CSS code.



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