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How to Hide and Password Lock Personal Chat in Whatsapp

whatsappHide and Password Lock Chat

In this post you are reading about how can we hide our whatsapp  personal chat from any other person.

Before you will start, we inform you that this trick will not available the official whatsapp version. So if you are trying this, you can do own your own data leak risk. This trick is available in the unofficial version of whatsapp named “GBWhatsapp”.


We can Hide our personal chats from anyone so any other person can not access that chats in our whatsapp app.

the hidden chats are also locked by a pattern. To access the hidden chats the user must have to draw the correct pattern.



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Steps for this Trick

1 : You have to download the GBWhatsapp from any trusted site or official GBWhatsappp Website.

2 : Register Your whatsapp account on GBWhatsapp.


3 : Select any contact by long press. (See Below Image)

hide 01


4 : Click on the 3 dots and then Click On Hide button. (See Below Image)

hide 1 image


5 : A new screen will open for pattern. Draw your pattern for hide and lock the chat. (See Below Image)

hide 02 image


After this you can access your hidden chat list by doing the following Steps.


1 : Click on the Whatsapp Text that is written on the chats screen. (See Below Image)

hide 03 imahe


2 : Draw Your Pattern to show hidden chats (See Below Image)

hide 04


3 : You can Now view you hidden chats list (See Below Image)

hide 06