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How To Password Lock Personal Chat In Whatsapp


Hide Personal Chat In Whatsapp

There are lots of person who want to hide or lock  personal chat on whatsapp. This feature is not provided by the WhatsApp. You can use third party app to lock your personal chat on whatsapp. 

You can easily protect your private whatsapp conversations with your friends, family members and others. After apply the password detail, nobody can check your personal whatsapp chats conversion. You must fill the correct password to access or unlock the personal chat.


You have to download an unofficial version of whstapp “GBWhatsapp“. GBWhatsapp is an unofficial version of whatsapp. This is not developed by the whatsapp developers. So Please make sure we will not responsible if your whatsapp data is leaked. (I am using GBWhatsapp personally).


Steps to lock the WhatsApp chats

Step 1 : Download GBWhatsapp from here.


Step 2 : Register your whatsapp account on this.


Step 3 : Open GBWhatsapp App. (See below image)



Step 4 : Now open any chat that you want to lock and click on the MENU button. (See below image)



Step 5 : Select “Lock Chat” in the dropdown list. (See below image)



Step 6 : Click on Enable Passcode. and then enter your Passcode or Password. (See below image)

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Now your chat is locked. you can set different passwords on different chats.