Spread Operator and Rest Parameters in JavaScript

Spread operator in JavaScript was introduced in ES6. The syntax of the spread operator is 3 dots. The spread operator allows us to spread out the elements of an iterable object such as an Array, Map, or Set. Rest parameter in javascript allows us to handle multiple parameters in any function. We can pass an indefinite number of parameters to any function. By the use of the rest parameter, we can call a function with any number of arguments.

FAU-G – Alternative game to PUBG Mobile

FAU-G | An Indian rival game to PUBG Mobile FAU-G game is being developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. nCore Games, based in the Bengaluru, will launch its Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G) game by the end of October, the company’s co-founder Vishal Gondal told Reuters on […]

Google Fuchsia OS – Features

Fuchsia OS Android and Chrome OS may be Google’s best-known software ventures, but the company is actually working on a third operating system. It’s called Fuchsia, and when it was first discovered in 2017, it only popped up as a single command line. Now, however, we know a lot more about the […]

The SONY AIBO Robot Dog.

It a childhood dream, well better than that. There’s a new version of the SONY AIBO robotic dog. It can go and charge itself and knows when its battery is low. Its nose is a camera and its eyeballs are screens. It’s just like a robotic pet. In the box, […]