Spread Operator and Rest Parameters in JavaScript

Spread operator in JavaScript was introduced in ES6. The syntax of the spread operator is 3 dots. The spread operator allows us to spread out the elements of an iterable object such as an Array, Map, or Set. Rest parameter in javascript allows us to handle multiple parameters in any function. We can pass an indefinite number of parameters to any function. By the use of the rest parameter, we can call a function with any number of arguments.

Basic JavaScript Concepts – The Journey Towards JavaScript

JavaScript is a Scripting language and it is an interpreted language. So we do not need to compile the JavaScript code. It is often called JS. It was developed to make websites more interactive and user-friendly. With the help of javascript, we can do many things on the browser window like: change any text, change any font color, or send requests to the server without reloading the web page. In javascript, we simply create functions and call them. JavaScript is similar to other programming languages but also javascript provides some additional features that other languages do not provide.