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Recording the android screen is another problem. If your phone does not have any internal screen recorder then it is a big challenge for you to record the screen. You can use a third-party screen recorder app but the main problem is that the apps use high memory and CPU while recording the screen.

In this article, we will explain another method to record the android phone screen. To record your screen you just need two things like a Computer or a Laptop and a USB cable.

Before we start, you need to enable the USB debugging from Developer Options on your android phone.

developer options usb debugging

Now, download the ADB Package.

Download ADB Zip

  1. Extract the contents of this ZIP file (such as C:\adb).
  2. Open Windows Explorer and browse to where you extracted the contents of this ZIP file
  3. Then open up a Command Prompt and browse to the ADB directory. (Some Windows 10 users may see “PowerShell” instead of “command prompt”.)
  4. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer with a USB cable. Change the USB mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode.
  5. In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command to launch the ADB daemon: adb devicesadb command
  6. On your phone’s screen, you should see a prompt to allow or deny USB Debugging access.
  7. Finally, re-enter the command from step #5.

For installation of ADB on macOS or Linux. please visit this page.


Now you have done all the necessary steps. Let’s go to the cmd code to record the screen.

To record your phone screen type the below command in Command Prompt.


// to record a video of 3 minutes
adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/record1.mp4

// to record a video for a limited time
adb shell screenrecord --time-limit=120 /sdcard/record1.mp4

// to record video on a particular resolution
adb shell screenrecord --size 1280x720 /sdcard/record1.mp4

// to record video on a particular bitrate
adb shell screenrecord --bit-rate 4000000 /sdcard/record1.mp4

// More parameters can embed
adb shell screenrecord --bit-rate 4000000 --time-limit=50 --size 1280x720 /sdcard/record1.mp4


  • You can not record a video for more than 3 minutes. The –time-limit option accepts the value between 1 to 180 which means 1 second to 180 seconds(3 minutes).
  • Internal audio recording is not possible. You can record only video without audio.
  • if you do not copy the recorded video to your PC and recording another video by the same name the old video will get replaced by the new one.


We will tell you another method to record video for more than 3 minutes.

execute the below command on Command Prompt to record more than 3 minutes.

// to record more than 3 minutes.
adb shell "screenrecord /sdcard/video1.mp4; screenrecord /sdcard/video2.mp4; screenrecord /sdcard/video3.mp4"

// the above code will record 3 videos of length 3 minutes each. Now you can record 3*3 = 9 minutes of video.
// You can record more than 3 videos by just extending the above code.


Video files will save on your phone storage. To copy the file from your phone to your PC. You just need to execute a pull command.

// to copy the recorded video from Phone to PC
adb pull /sdcard/video1.mp4

// or you can also use the file browsing method to copy or move the files.


To Record Internal Audio Of Your Phone, Read This Article. Record Internal Audio Using Audacity.

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