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There’s a rollable 2 in 1 wireless KEYBOARD and SPEAKER. This thing has a very strange design and it has a built-in speaker  into it.

You can use it with IOS, Android, Windows and Macs anything. It also got a built-in microphone.


The cool thing is, the speaker portion is detachable. the speaker portion consisits of a stand also for your phone or tablet.




It got completely wireless pairing through bluetooth, there’s a micro USB Port for charging.

The speaker consists of four-speaker units, two in front and two at the end. To use it you have to pair the speaker and the keyboard separately.

There are function keys on the keyboard for speaker and one thing I didn’t expect from this keyboard is, it got directional keys as well. The sound quality of the little speaker is good as expected from a little speaker.

So overall this thing is realy good and potable and I use it as well. For more info you can check out the given link :

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