It a childhood dream,well better than that.


There’s a new version of SONY AIBO robotic dog.It can go and charge itself and knows when its battery is low.Its nose is a camera and its eyeballs are screens. Its just like a robotic pet.


In the box you got a charging base.He is gonna walk over here and charge himself when he is low on battery or you can just tell him to go and charge his battery.

This is eye-bone, he will go pick it up. There’s number of instructions you can tell him(Fetch it, Get it for you)


There’s is also¬† a pink ball. his favorite color is pink. He will play with the ball, kick the ball. There’s also a app available, where you able to reset his personality traits if you want to and you can get photos that AIBO takes from his nose.


There is a camera exactly above his tail that is responsible for his awareness of space.It can sit, hand-shake, play dead and getup by itself.

I like to recommend you to check this video about him on youtube.

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