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Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) – Definition and Creating Steps and Mount & Unmount

Virtual Hard Disk

Hard Disk ImageWhat Is Virtual Hard Disk?

Virtual hard disk (VHD) is a disk image file format for storing the complete contents of a hard disk or hard drive. The disk image called a virtual machine includes all data and structural elements. Disk can be stored anywhere the physical host can access.


What Can We Do?

Virtual hard drives are commonly used by VMs (Virtual Machines) to store operating system files, application files as well as data. The disk files are also used by snapshot tools, backup applications. It can easily mount and unmount. We can direct copy full Virtual hard disk to any PC.


Creating Steps : 

1 : Open the Disk Management Window. 

  • Open Control Panel 
  • Set View by: Category and click on System And Security. Control Panel category
  • Click on Administrative Tools. Administrative Tools
  • (A new window will appear) Double Click On Computer Management. Computer Management
  • In Left Side Area Find Disk Management.Computer ManagementDisk management

Now all disks that are available in your Computer will be shown in This Disk Management Window.

Now You Are Ready To Go…

2: When Disk Management will open, click on the Action button, and select Create VHD.

Create VHD

3: Select The VHD location where we want to create and then Enter the Virtual Hard Disk Size In MB/GB/TB and then click on OK.

Create VHD Configure 1

After creating the new VHD a new hard drive will add in the Disk Management.

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Disk management

4: Right-click on Disk x and select Initialize Disk. (Here disk x belongs to any disk number that can be Disk 1, Disk 2, Disk 3, etc…).

VHD initialize Disk

5 : (A new window will appear) Click On OK.


6: Now Right Click on Unallocated disk and select New Simple Volume…

New Simple Volume VHD

7: Click On Next, Next, Next, Next then Click On Finish.






The Virtual Hard Disk Is Added To Your PC.

To Unmount the Virtual Hard Disk just right click on the drive and then Select Eject…



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